Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Could you clone Jesus?

Genesysx pointed out an interesting letter to the editor of the free daily newspaper on the Underground. The letter asks,"
If an archaeological dig were to unearth the 'real' Shroud of Turin or something else that might have traces of Christ's DNA, and it was used to create a clone, would that clone then be the Son of God?

What say you the fine Page 132 community? It can't be that the physical body doesn't matter because that heresy was thrown out with the Gnostics. Yet, could we "see" 1/2 of God's DNA if you could get Jesus'?

How much of Jesus being the Son of God is related to his physical (DNA) make-up and how much is his nurture (or something else)?

I'd love to tell you my own thoughts on this, but I've been wrestling with the question for a couple of hours now and can't reach an adequate resolution.

What say you?

UPDATE- Gregg Easterbrook has already looked into this question and answers with a definitive no! His objections seem to be based on technical parameters (like 2000 year old DNA degrading and not being useful anymore), but it doesn't solve the underlying philosophical question. What made Jesus the Son of God and could that ever be recreated?