Sunday, October 09, 2005

She loves me, she really does

Today is the 6th anniversary of my wedding to Mrs. Expat Teacher. She is fabulous and I love her so. I was so wonderfully blessed yesterday when she sent out a mass e-mail about our adventures in London to all our friends and relatives with this attached to the bottom...

The last six years have been amazing. Here are 10
reasons, not in order of importance, I'd marry [Expat Teacher]
all over again:

1. He has an infectious, incurable travel bug. and
he's passed it on to me;)
2. He can read a map. No, rather, he has an internal
map. And compass. This is very important for someone
married to me.
3. He is incredibly intelligent and imparts his
knowledge in an unpatronizing way. and His thirst for
knowledge is unquenchable.
4. He can carry on a conversation with anyone about
5. He challenges me to pursue my passions and fulfill
my potential.
6. He has taught me to be more aware of the world
around me.
7. He can always make me laugh.
8. He's an amazing listener.
9. He's my best friend.
10. He loves the Lord.

Life is such an adventure with him! And I love every
minute of it.

I know why she loves me, but it is really nice to hear.