Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why the surpise?

I'm at home recovering from a nagging head cold and it has given me plenty of time to surf the Right side of the blogosphere after President Bush nominated Harriet Miers. Side note- the Right side of the blogosphere is a scary place. I don't think I want to go back without a guide.

Overwhelmingly, conservatives have been surprised and dismayed over President Bush's pick. They have slowed or amended their earlier comments, but the initial reactions were enough to sound like, well, the Left side of the blogosphere. Public Theologian has a nice round up of many substantial conservatives new view on the President.

It makes me wonder...where have these former supporters turned critics been for the last 5 years? Bush has been betraying conservative principles from the moment he stepped into office.

  • Smaller government - try again. Bush led the fight for NCLB and the massive prescription drug benefit. He has never met a budget he didn't like, even the last transportation omnibus bill packed with pork!
  • Limited overseas action/intervention - Bush has re-invented 50 years of US foreign policy. He has pursued nation building in two different wars and has committed America to being actively involved in supporting democratic movements throughout the world.
  • Personal responsibility - Rather than require competence Bush has never fired anyone, even if they are miserable at their job. Remember Brownie? Only reassigned and then resigned. Not fired. What about Paul Bremer and George Tenet? They both were clearly failures at their jobs, but were given the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award possible.
  • Strong states rights - After the fiasco of Hurricane Katrina, Bush suggested using the US Military and removing many of the powers from local officials to deal with a natural disaster.
  • Fiscal displine - Bush has pushed tax breaks for the mega-wealthy through Congress while at the same time increasing spending so we now have the biggest deficit in US history

Again, tell me why Bush picking Miers is a philosophical surprise? Bush isn't anymore a true conservative than I am.