Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Because the MLB playoffs are starting today, (sorry gurufrisbee about your Padres), I thought this article was very interesting.

According to PaidContent.org, MLB has struck it rich with their online adventure, MLB Advanced Media. Stealing most of the post,
Apparently, MLB Advanced Media, which we've reported before as heading for an IPO, won't be doing so anytime in the near future, reports NYP. The reason: the baseball team owners were afraid to reveal too much about their wealth right before contract talks with the players...

Some stats on MLBAM: each of the 30 teams team kicked in $1 million a year for four years. But only $70 million to $75 million of the pledged $120 million was ever used before the site started generating excess cash in only its second year. That means each team's $3 million investment in Advanced Media could now be worth $100 million if the valuation comes in at only $3 billion, which is not unlikely.

Oh to have that kind of trouble....