Friday, September 16, 2005

Katrina poll

It's a rough time for ExPat to up and leave page 132 for a week, since we're all school teachers and the beginning of the year is very busy. I apologize for my role in making this place kind of quiet this week - I hope our readers haven't left for good and have found something else that temporarily kept them thinking this past week.

I know Friday is when we stop and pray around here, but I also saw this poll of Katrina survivors and decided it all needs to go together.

61% said they feel like the government doesn't care about them. I think that's awful and we need to pray that the government can do what it is possible to reverse that, because that's not the kind of government anyone wants to have.

81% said this has strengthened their religious faith. I think that's amazing and wonderful and we should praise that people can see God through this tragedy and that we as representatives of Him can be out there helping to continue such thoughts.

The question the poll didn't need to ask was how many of their lives were permanently changed from the hurricane. That's obviously 100% and something else that we should all keep praying about.