Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sponsor me and help WaterAid provide clean water to others

Mrs. Expat Teacher is a no-nonsense kind of lady. She doesn't understand why I spend hours each week blogging, joining online debates and generally talking about the world's problems. Mrs. Expat Teacher is a doer. When she sees a problem, she wants to get her hands dirty and fix it.

After our eye-opening involvement with MakePovertyHistory, Mrs. Expat Teacher has become increasingly interested in securing clean water for people around the world. WaterAid is having a sponsored walk around the coast of England next Saturday, September 17th.

My goal is to raise £50 GBP ($90 USD). Since we average about 30-40 readers a day, if each of you give £1-2 then I'd meet my goal. I know that most of my readers have given to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund -if you haven't the link is up there on the right - but if you could spare another $2, $5 or $10 that would be great. It only takes about $2 to save a life. So consider skipping your Coke today and sponsor me.