Sunday, July 24, 2005

Some stories that caught my attention

What is becoming a little of a regular feature on Sundays at Page 132, I've again got a few stories that have flown below the radar this past week that I think need more attention then they received.

The first is a blog entry over at the Bull Moose, entitled Schumer's Favor for Conservatives. It is about how smart conservatives who aren't shills for the Bushies have every reason to be concerned about Roberts. His wife may be very pro-life, but if he shares her views why is he afraid to say it? If asked by Senators, he would readily answer whether he was against child abuse or slavery. Why not mass murder of innocents? Democratic Senator Schumer is not just acting on behalf of liberals when he indicates that he wants answers from Mr. Roberts on Roe v. Wade. Schumer is also carrying water for the millions of right-to-lifers who supported Bush and have the right to know whether Roberts believes that the law should protect presumably the most innocent and vulnerable in our society.

Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than a headline like Christians Continue to Press for Justice ahead of WTO Meeting.

Remember why the Republicans are the party of family values? Yeah, I don't either. Especially with Democrats offering up Net porn federal tax of 25% proposed in an effort to curb consumption and further fund combatting child porn.

I've recently subscribed via RSS to a paper I used to deliver when I was a youngin', the Evertett Herald. They publish EVERYTHING on their RSS feed. I even know the upcoming Kiwanis' calendar of events. Usually I blow through their stories, but this one caught my eye - Describe Bush in a single word. Well why not? Let's all have a go, even if you aren't a regular commentor (you can do it anonymously). My single word - mediocre.