Saturday, July 23, 2005

Have we forgotten Darfur?

It has been a while since the MSM has focused on Darfur, but that doesn't mean the genocide has stopped. The New Republic has run some great segments about Darfur including:
  1. Why it started
  2. Genocide as domestic security policy in Sudan
  3. The current mechanics of human destruction in Darfur
  4. U.S. policy toward Sudan and Darfur
  5. The case for NATO intervention is trying to remind America that the genocide in Darfur is still going on. They've put together a simple chart detailing how infrequent Darfur is mentioned in the MSM newscast. They've even put together a video. Watch it now

Yesterday morning the media had an opportunity to cover the genocide. Secretary of State Rice visited Sudan Wednesday and a scuffle broke out among reporters and Sudanese officials. The scuffle received coverage, but the genocide largely did not. Today the media has another chance, as it is the anniversary of a unanimous resolution of the US Congress calling the atrocities a "genocide".

Why do they want to put that video on television now? Here are just a few reasons:

- As many as 400,000 people have died in the genocide, with thousands more dying every month.
- CBS hasn't run a story about the Darfur genocide in 73 days.

If you truly believe in ending this outrage to justice and against God's children, send a message to the networks. If the networks won't show the genocide, they will.  Donate today. Air the ad. Make millions of people witnesses.

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