Thursday, June 23, 2005

God's healing

At Alpha last night, I had an experience that I still don't believe and wouldn't believe if any of you told me about it. I was physically healed through prayer. Sounds crazy doesn't it? I agree, but there is no denying that my right knee has been hurting for several days and is absolutely fine.

Remember a while back I told you about my toenail being ripped off while on a trip with my students. Because my big toe hurts when I put pressure on it, I've been walking on the outside of my foot. This has caused the tendons and ligaments on the inside of my right knee to hurt. I've had a strong, constant ache in my knee for a several days.

After the talk on healing, I got prayer from a guy in my group. Immediately, I felt a burning sensation in my knee, right where the pain was. The burning was there for an hour or so, but after it left I felt no more pain and I've been pain free all day now.

My life was so much more comfortable when I put Jesus in a box of things He can do and things He can't/won't. The lid has been blown completely off and I'm still processing how I feel.