Saturday, June 18, 2005

Humanists marry

It what can only be described as strange and bizzare to my American senses, Scotland is set to allow the first "humanist" wedding in the UK. Under UK law now, one can only get married in a church or at the local register office. One can get married in a different locale, but only if a member of the clergy presides.

Humanists, who believe people can be moral and good on their own accord, could only get married in the register office. Some of them are nice, like Windsor's where Charles and Camilla got hitched, but I can imagine they aren't all that romantic.

Coming from the States with our strong history of separation of church and state that allows folks to get married wherever they want, the fact that this is newsworthy confounds me. Anyway, to this woman, it is an important step. You decide.

Forgot to add that the humanists married in a zoo. Pretty fitting, don't you think?