Monday, June 20, 2005

Some stories of interest

ExpatTeacher is a very busy man this week. School is over in about a week and there is a ton of paperwork to finish. I'm writing reports for 48 students tonight. I don't have anytime to put my thoughts together about anything. Therefore, let me flag a few articles that I've enjoyed the last couple of days.

  • The White House refused to answer questions about why the President dined with a porn star. Makes one wonder - if every gay person in the country maxed their credit card for the Republican Party, would the gay marriage debate suddenly disappear? If porn stars and casino owners can do it...

  • In that same vein, President Bush - our Christian President - has declared that he believes in a god who speaks to different religions.

  • The USA Today and the Washington Post both have articles that try to show that Christians are not always aligned with the Conservative or Republican causes. The USA Today's article is entitled "Christian right's alliances bend political spectrum" and the Washington Post's article is "Religious Right, Left Meet in Middle"

  • The other side of that coin is Froma Harrop, a syndicated columnist, who thinks Religious conservatives are getting played for patsies

  • In response to a ridiculous article in the Wall Street Journal, Kevin Drum soundly trashes the idea that supply side economics is a way to run a government. The most surprising result, "In fact, Reagan produced the slowest growth in tax revenue of any decade since World War II."

  • Finally, architect of the Iraq War, Paul Wolfowitz, who is now the president of the World Bank has praised efforts to clean up corruption in Africa, calls for cuts in agricultural subsidies in the developed world and asked the G8 for more aid. I can't figure out to love or hate this guy.

  • You know you are doing a good job reporting the news when Washington and Al-Qaida are both griping about the unbalanced views being presented. An al-Jazeera spokesman rejected the criticism of its coverage, saying it was balanced. Now if only our media would stop being such lapdogs.

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