Saturday, June 11, 2005

My wonderful wife and my toe

I'm back from a week in York with my Grade 8s. I see that gurufrisbee has been keeping you all busy with his usual thought-provoking posts. Before I left, I asked for some prayer about the children's safety. I can report that God is faithful and none of the kids sustained any injury.

The same can't be said for me. While fooling around in a river, and generally acting like an 8 year old, I managed to rip off my big toe nail (WARNING: not for the faint of heart). So I've got a huge bandage on my toe and 48 hours bedrest to stop the bleeding. I can expect to wait 3 months before I see a new nail at all and it will be another 12-18 months before I have a complete one. Yippee!!!

I did this on Tuesday in York and my wonderful wife, Mrs. Expat Teacher, was in London. After making sure I was cared for and having a good laugh at my story, she went right to work to get me taken care of. She called our doctor to schedule two appointments, she called my mother to ask about when I had my last tetanus shot and she arranged the weekend so I didn't have to do anything but stay in bed.

She has been so wonderful, taking care of me and ensuring that I don't overexert myself. My tendency is to just keep going. Mrs. Expat Teacher is shutting me down so I can heal. I love this woman!