Sunday, June 19, 2005

John Danforth has the best sermon I've heard in a while

Over in the editorials of the NY Times, former Senator and UN ambassador, John Danforth lays out his strong rebuke of the culturally-conservative Religious Right. It is incredibly well written and has plenty of points worth pointing out, but I think I'll just steal this bit-
People of faith have the right, and perhaps the obligation, to bring their values to bear in politics. Many conservative Christians approach politics with a certainty that they know God's truth, and that they can advance the kingdom of God through governmental action. So they have developed a political agenda that they believe advances God's kingdom, one that includes efforts to "put God back" into the public square and to pass a constitutional amendment intended to protect marriage from the perceived threat of homosexuality.

Moderate Christians are less certain about when and how our beliefs can be translated into statutory form, not because of a lack of faith in God but because of a healthy acknowledgement of the limitations of human beings. Like conservative Christians, we attend church, read the Bible and say our prayers.

Well said, sir and it is no wonder Mr. Danforth didn't last long in the Dubya administration.