Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Teacher Appreciation Week

Okay, I feel a little guilty about being so self-serving on this one, but I'll get over it. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week (today is even National Teacher Day). It's not a huge stretch to find where teaching applies to both Christianity (James 3:1 always comes to mind) and to politics, but I'm not really motivated to want to focus on that for now. All of us have been effected by teachers - be they public school, private school, home school, Sunday school, coaches, whatever. Hopefully most of those experiences were positive. If they were, take a minute or two to find a way to thank those teachers and/or thank God for those teachers. If they weren't, take those same minutes to pray that others can have better experiences and better teachers. I'm terribly biased since I am a teacher and ExPat is obviously, too, so it would be real easy to go on and on about what a courageous and heroic thing it is to be a teacher, but I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to STOP you from doing that, if you would like to. In fact what I'd really love to see and am going to encourage you all to do (aside from the two minutes of teacher related praying), is to leave a comment about your experiences with teachers in your life. It's a great week for all of us to reflect on teaching - and if so inclined, let some teachers know you appreciate them! Thanks.