Friday, April 29, 2005

Apple Presentation2

Apple Presentation2
Originally uploaded by expatteacher.
Apple has rolled out its newest operating system 10.4, more commonly known as Tiger.

It is incredible! So many great features that are over and above Windows. Spotlight to search your desktop like Google does for the web. Automator to make lots of repetitive actions (i.e. renaming photos) super easy. Dashboard with plenty of little widgets to make important info at the flick of an F12. Safari (so much better than Internet Exploder) now has an RSS reader. I could go on, but go to Apple's page and be converted.

The picture is of an entire auditorium packed with people craving this upgrade. The line to get in the store at its reopening was 4 blocks long. Each person was given a scratch ticket. I won a free song from iTunes Music Store.

Rutting in my complete computer geekdom with thousands of other Londoners. Viva le Mac!