Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What liberal media?

Above are two cover stories by Time magazine in the last year. I suscribe to Time, but have become less content with their reporting because I feel they now have a conservative edge that I don't like. The word on the street is that MSM media is all liberally biased. I beg to differ. There are lots of examples, but I'll just point out two.

The first is from the above Time cover stories. The first has Michael Moore (of whom I'm no fan) with the title as "Michael Moore's War" and a subtitle that includes "Is this good for America? " The second has Ann Coulter (again of whom I'm no fan) with the title "Ms. Right" with the subtitle "Is she serious or just having fun?"

The first is deregatory and the second is rather flattering. The stories were simliar. Time magazine certainly isn't a liberal magazine!

Example number two is that ABC is running ads for Focus on the Family during its season finale for SuperNanny. This wouldn't normally bother me, but ABC wouldn't run an ad for UCC because they thought it showed two men holding hands. At that time ABC rejected the ad because "we do not generally accept paid advertising that espouses a particular religious doctrine."

Apparently, not ABC was afraid of guys like Dobson to reject the UCC ad, but more than willing to break their own policies and let them run the FoF ad.

The MSM media is not liberally biased. I don't think it has a conservative bias, either. It is like, you know, mainstream. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop saying that the MSM is liberal. It is a profit-driven industry. It goes where the money is.