Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama throws Wright under the bus

One of the things I really respected about Obama's "race" speech was that he refused to throw his pastor, Rev. Wright, under the bus. It was a good way to avoid falling to the Republican bitch slap theory of politics, where you are hit and immediately fold under pressure. Staying by Reverend Wright was a sign of strength. A sign that Barack Obama will not fold at the first stiff breeze.

Now, Reverend Wright has begun talking again. His NAACP speech was excellent, but his National Press Club appearance was an unmitigated disaster. Wright said all sorts of dumb stuff that can easily be made into negative sound bites. More importantly, he went into the House of Journalism and denounced the people in the room and he did it with a dismissive attitude. This will only guarantee further negative coverage. And it will only have a more negative impact on Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Wright's big mouth probably forced this then...At a press conference today Barack Obama said,
The person I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago. His comments were not only divisive and destructive, but I believe that they end up giving comfort to those who prey on hate, and I believe that they do not portray accurately the perspective of the black church. They certainly don't portray accurately my values and beliefs. And if Rev. Wright thinks that that's political posturing, as he put it, then he doesn't know me very well. And based on his remarks yesterday, well I might not know him as well as I thought, either.
I know Obama can't stand by Wright, but Obama now looks like "Mr. Nice Guy" who got his ass kicked. That isn't good. And just think...if HRC hadn't found this and kept pushing it, we might have won the White House.