Monday, April 28, 2008

The wheels are coming off the wagon

If 26% of your students could successfully write a story or expository essay, wouldn't you want some extra help? Or, would you say that the kids know how to write, they just don't want to?

If 25% of your students met standard on your state's test, wouldn't you want to at least listen to the guy whose class had 72% of the students meeting standard? And, if you had such a person in your school and he was available to talk about some changes in teaching math that would benefit your students not only on the state test, but in their mathematical thinking as a whole, wouldn't you want to at least meet with that guy on a regular basis and maybe listen to him? And, holy-moley are you ready for this? What if this guy would really like to come in and teach your class to give you a visual of what this new and threatening way of teaching might look like, wouldn't you want to at least stick around while he was in the room and maybe even watch? Just a little?