Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another reason to hate the caucus system

I hate the caucus system!

Not only did the crazy system destroy Governor Richardson's campaign before it even really began, but it appears to have destroyed John Edwards ability to go forward too. He'll contest South Carolina, but a 4% showing in Nevada will probably have the same effect on his fundraising and supporters that it did for the Richardson camp after Iowa.

Of course, that's beyond the obvious disenfranchisement of out-of-state voters, military members, those working during the 90 minute caucus times. Caucuses also deprive voters of a key bedrock of democracy, the secret ballot.

Yet, the Nevada caucus has brought about another twist that is beyond comprehension to those that value democracy.

It didn't even settle the most basic question - Who won? It depends. Hillary won the popular "vote" with 51% of all the county delegates awarded to her campaign. Unsurprisingly, she won the support of women. But surprisingly (to me) 2/3s of all Hispanic voters broke for Hillary, too. Anyone know why? I don't see anything in Hillary's campaign or past history that would garner such a large showing of Hispanic voters. Is it just Clinton-era nostalgia?

Yet, because the Nevada Democratic Party weighted the rural districts more heavily than the urban districts, Obama won more national convention delegates. He won 13 national delegates to Clinton's 12 delegates.

So faithful Page 132 readers...who won? What do you think of the caucus system?