Sunday, January 20, 2008

Frozen Tundra 2

Today's NFL games promise to be bitterly cold. I'm looking forward to watching the late game of New York Giants at Green Bay, where the temperature will be single digits and the wind chill below zero. It might even be the coldest game at Lambeau Field.

I'm pulling for Brett Favre today. I'm so impressed with his decision to not retire and how far his team has come. I'd love to see him win a Super Bowl and go out on top.

In the early game, the Chargers have no chance to win because they will be without their starting QB and the Cheatriots will be at full strength. But that doesn't mean I won't be pulling for an upset.

Here are my predictions...

Green Bay over NY Giants 28-10

San Diego over New England 31-27 (I know I'm wrong, but I can't bring myself to predict a Cheatriots win)

What are your predictions? Write 'em in the margins