Saturday, August 11, 2007

Senate Square goes rental and we are out in the cold...

So, Mrs. Expat Teacher and I bought our second condo this month. Our first condo purchase seems to have gone completely pear shaped. We wrote the contract July 16th and expected it to be ratified within the month, but nothing seemed to go forward. We called and got the run around. My agent heard some rumors that the condo project wasn't selling well and was going rental. Then I had those rumors confirmed by someone close to the project. The final piece of the puzzle was that Senate Square pulled their listings from the MLS. That's almost a sure sign that the developer isn't selling anymore. Since they haven't cashed our deposit check yet, we'll be headed over there tomorrow to pick it up and shred all the paperwork.

We were in a bit of a panic because our current place is up for sale and we never know when we'll get the 30-days vacate notice. Our first choice is here on the Hill, near our church and favorite coffee shop. Unfortunately, there was nothing on the Hill near a Metro in our price range. Our agent is excellent and recommended we look a little further to the north and west. We've ended up in NW DC, just a few blocks above Chinatown, near the Convention Center.

The condo complex is very cool. Already completed. 120 of the 130 units already occupied. Our unit is 930 square feet. It has 1 bedroom and a den, plus a nice large living room and kitchen. Mrs. Expat Teacher is pleased that we have southern or eastern exposure windows in all the rooms. We are both pleased that we are getting an equally as nice place (or nicer) and in a nicer area for cheaper than our original "purchase".