Thursday, August 02, 2007

Richardson impresses

Got this e-mail from a friend yesterday. Brought a big smile to my face. :-)


You will appreciate this. A good friend of mine has been out of town for some time (he pretty much takes the summer off). He is a fellow attorney and rents an office from us. He is deeply, deeply, involved in democratic party politics, knows John & Teresa Kerry personally, and even Howard Dean. When Dean is in Seattle, he is usually kicking back in one of our conference rooms or taking a nap on one of my partner's couches.

[My friend] just got back into town and was telling me about the American Association for Justice (formerly ATLA) convention in Chicago, and describing the twenty minutes or so that each democratic party candidate had with the group. While he indicated that he was impressed by Clinton's demeanor, he was most impressed by Richardson. He was not sure Richardson could top Clinton, but he waxed poetic about what Richardson could do with a groundswell of support. I told him I knew people who were working on it. ;)

Keep it up, and keep building momentum.

Will do and glad to do it.