Saturday, June 30, 2007

No More Roberts or Alito

That's what E. J. Dionne says. In fact, he leads with this:
Just say no.

The Senate's Democratic majority -- joined by all Republicans who purport to be moderate -- must tell President Bush that this will be their answer to any controversial nominee to the Supreme Court or the appellate courts.

Considering the travesty that was the Supreme Court decision in the Seattle/Louisville cases, is it any surprise that folks like Dionne are enraged?

However, what do you think of his argument that the Supreme Court is now practicing judicial activism?
As Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute noted this week in Roll Call, the issue-ad decision demonstrated "not a careful, conservative deference to Congress" but instead "a willingness by Roberts to toss aside Congress' conclusions to fit his own ideological predispositions" -- the very definition of judicial activism.
Sounds to me that all that bluster and talk was simply that. However, maybe I'm wrong. Is this another case of someone claiming a conservative title, but not actually living up to the previously agreed upon definition? That would be par for the course in the Bush administration, anyway.