Sunday, December 03, 2006

College football trivia and it should be Michigan for #2

I watched a lot of sports yesterday. We went to a sports bar that is so big and with so many screens, they actually have a schedule of what game will be on what screen. I watched the Duke v. Georgetown basketball game (slow start for Duke, but usual result), the Florida-Arkansas SEC championship (game of errors), the UCLA upset of USC (yea, yea, yea!!!), Nebraska's loss to Oklahoma (their own dumb fault!), Rutgers-W. Virginia (exciting stuff...triple overtime!), and the Wake Forest-Georgia Tech field goal fest.

So after watching all that and remembering the exciting 42-39 Michigan-Ohio State game 2 weeks ago, I believe that Michigan is the second best team in the nation. I would love to have a playoff system for all the reasons gurufrisbee laid out here, but we won't have one in the next 3 weeks, so I'll make my pitch. For me, it all comes down to that Michigan-Ohio State game. Michigan came within 3 points of beating Ohio State in Columbus. On a neutral ground, that game is a toss-up. Let's see it again. Sorry Florida, but your offense has stunk all year and it won't be able to match Ohio State.

Now for the important stuff, I learned a cool piece of trivia about NCAA Div-I mascots. Can you name the 5 NCAA Div-I universities that have a mascot that isn't a plural noun with an s at the end (i.e. Huskies, Hoyas) or has a color (Alabama Crimson Tide or Syracuse Orangemen)?

Leave your guesses in margins and we'll see if you can get it. If the Page 132 community can't get it, the answer will be revealed next Saturday.

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