Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Article Round-Up

Due to the holidays this will be the last article round up until January 7th. If you've got power, hope you enjoy. Like always, I do the work, Mrs. Expat Teacher is the blogging widow and EWB in SD pays the bills.

Let's get rollin...

International News
New U.N. Leader Is Sworn in and Promises to Rebuild Trust. Get used to seeing the name Ban Ki-moon. He's the new Kofi Annan.

The Times of London has an excellent feature story on One man, a big idea and sound business principles. It is about Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, and his push to get rid of poverty.

A Turk himself, Abdullah Gul, writes about the importance of Bringing in Turkey to the European Union.

Brits don't know their geography either! Go to Geography Cup to register or just see the results. As of this morning, the UK is beating the US 57%-54%. Neither score is stellar.

In Africa, Botswana bushmen win land ruling that says they can't be pushed off land take make way for diamond mines.

The Middle East is an exciting and crazy place right now. Iraq's al-Maliki reaches out to Sunnis at a reconciliation conference. In Iran's election we have Early results: Iran's conservatives lead. Apparently that is a hit to President Ahmadinejad. I don't understand Iranian politics. Can anyone explain that to me?

Egypt cracks down on Brotherhood because they are the only viable political party to Mubarak's one man regime. First day ends in UAE elections with 1% of the population allowed to vote. The Palestinian leader calls for early vote, while Hamas accuses Fatah of attack on premier. I think that whole thing in Palestine is rather exciting. It is democracy. It is messy and with guns, but it is the closest we get to democracy in the Middle East (Kuwait excluded).

The Christian Science Monitor explores the question, "Could Iran help the US stabilize Iraq?"

Showing that Pakistan isn't totally headed in the wrong direction, Taliban law blocked in Pakistan.

As a military dictator why bother with elections? Mugabe rule extended to 2010 due to popular demand. That must be because Zimbabwe police 'brutality rises'. That's a big hit with the people.

ABC informs us that Cuba's Political Succession Has Already Occurred and Raul Castro may be different than his brother in style, but not substance.

Speaking of succession, Bhutan's next king expected to usher in democracy. That would be an excellent idea considering that the Bhutanese have some of the fewest rights in the world.

Domestic Politics
Sen. Johnson resting, in critical condition. Of course, should he pass away, the Senate may revert to the Republicans. Let's all pray for his health and recovery!

Pardon the pun, but is this the nail in the coffin for the death penalty? California, Florida suspend executions. The Boston Globe says Support for US executions seen waning. I sure hope we end this barbaric practice.

Bush will probably send 30,000 MORE troops to Iraq. You know, if he was in Vegas, this double or nothing strategy would get him sent straight to counseling. Instead, America, we get the joys of living with a serial loser.

TalkingPointsMemo sets about destroying some myths that have set in about Bush and his Iraq policy. Myth #1 - the election will force President Bush to change his strategy. (See above)

President Bush has also promised to try to cut 'pork' bills. Good, 6 years too late and completely partisan at this point, but at least now we know he was for it before he was against it.

SMU's theology department is leading the charge against having the George W Bush presidential library there.

Once they were lost ... how the Church rediscovered its humanity in the prostitute. An excellent insight into what the local church is doing in Suffolk to help comfort a very scared community. wonders Would Jesus Shop at Wal-Mart? I don't know. What do you think?

In case this is where you'll burn off the excess Christmas pounds, the YMCA returns to its Christian roots so be prepared to talk about Jesus while spotting that sweating guy doing 400lb squats.

2008 Presidential Race
Starting to make inroads in the primary states, an experienced Guide helps Richardson in N.H.

Beliefnet has a series of videos with Sen. Barack Obama, Revisiting His Historic Speech on Faith and Politics. He may be the real deal. Assuming he can handle the campaign, I could vote for him.

Democratic officials: John Edwards to run for president in '08, using the historic 9th ward of New Orleans as the backdrop for his announcement in the new year. Do I like this guy anymore? I just don't know. He'll win Iowa, though.

Sen. Bayh ends presidential run because their was no money, poor polling and he isn't that interesting. Here is his statement.

In one of the best blog posts ever on how to deal with the pros and cons of technology in the classroom, Chris Lehmann of Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia writes about Dealing With The Worst Consequences of Your Best Ideas.

Washington State governor Gregoire proposes $197 million math and science blitz. What say you gurufrisbee and MoLak-Jedi?

My school gets mentioned by the Washington Post in an article about the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Program. I don't teach primary, but the overall tone is very positive.

Democrats outline education agenda priorities - plans to increase grants for college students and review NCLB.

From the 'thanks, but no thanks' file - To fix US schools, panel says, start over.

Judge set to rule on schools takeover of Los Angeles by Mayor Villaraigosa. If he takes over the LASD, look for a massive upheaval in California. And remember what happens in California eventually makes it into your home town.

According to Time, Capitalism Comes to Afghanistan. It highlights the importance of making people prosper from peace. Afghanistan could really reap a peace benefit if peace can take root.

The DLC has the rundown on why it was important to pass the trade deal within the last Congress.

Time magazine has name YOU! as person of the year because of the rise in number and power that user-generated content like blogs, YouTube, MySpace and others. That's excellent. Now, how about some user-generated content in the margins?!?!?!

The TUAW has a list of hypothetical software programs including iVey and iCarumba.

CBS Marketwatch awards its Lump of Coal awards, Part 2.

Investors are taking advice from children because they know more about the emerging technologies than anyone? I'd like my money handled by adults please.

Here are the Top Reads On Real Estate from 2006. Got that Detlef and Jefe?

Troy Smith wins the Heisman, but couldn't take it on the plane because apparently it is a security risk. "Troy Smith you've just won the Heisman! What are you going to do now?" "I'm going to hijack the plane and take it to Disneyland." Stupid FAA people.

Momma must be proud! Nuggets-Knicks brawl ends with 10 players ejected.

Jeff Bagwell has decided to retire. Thank you for your years of service, sir.

Page 132 favorite, Buck O'Neil was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Thank you for your years of service, sir.

USS Mariner has the run down on the trade between the Mariners and the Nationals. Nationals appear to win on this one. Am I sad or happy?

Qatar beats Iraq 1-0 in the Asian Games.

For my one cricket fan, England is getting crushed by Australia at the Ashes.

Santa has a blog.

India is trying to kill Laden - the raging bull elephant, that is.

The Economist calls "Michael Creighton, neo-Nazi puppy-strangler" because Michael Creghton had a public tussle with Michael Crowley over his role as a global-warming denier. Creighton did not take the criticism lightly and decided to do something about it. "In Mr Crichton's most recent novel, Next, one "Mick Crowley" features as—delicate readers, avert your eyes—the rapist of a two-year-old boy. "Mick" is a Washington political writer and a Yale grad, just like Mike. "Mick" has, for literary garnish, a small penis." Can anyone get any more immature?

Previously on Page 132
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In 2004, I had no partners on Page 132 and had returned to America for my Christmas break. I only had one post - Christmas Thoughts.

So what’s the biggest story of the week? What have I missed? What strikes you as funny, interesting or sad? Was this effort worth the hours I spent on it? Let me know in the margins. You’ll have to carry a bigger load since gurufrisbee’s school district’s NetNanny still blocks Page 132. Help me out here. What’s going on in the world that needs some attention?

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