Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What if I throw a Democratic Victory party and no one shows?

In the spirit of Will Hinton's festivus party, I've been thinking about throwing a Democratic Victory party.

I can see my party now.

I'll have a 'throw the bums out' theme. People come in rags and at the end of the night, we take turns tossing each other out onto the street. Maybe a little too un-PC, huh?

Or what about a 'white elephant' party to celebrate all the horrible gifts the Republicans have given the America over the last 12 years? We could serve Donkey Punch, bust open a pinata and snack on some animal crackers.

Or maybe just share a Red Ass Ale at one of the many bars that Stumbling Donkey recommends.

These are just some ideas. My biggest concern is that since I don't know enough people in town, I'll be partying all by myself. Is that still a party? If you are in the DC area, read Page 132 and would be interested in a 'Welcome to the Majority' celebration party in early January e-mail me or write a note in the margins and maybe I'll put something on.

Suggestions for better party ideas are certainly welcome in the margines. You can see I need the help!