Thursday, December 14, 2006

More people want legalized pot and legalized gay marriage than the Iraq War

Over at TalkingPointsMemo, they have an excellent post about how incredibly unpopular the Iraq War is. More people are in favor of gay marriage, legalizing pot, banning handguns, and rescinding the death penalty than the Iraq War.

And that is just on the left side of the political spectrum. What about the right side? How alone is President Bush now?

Extra Page 132 credit points are being given to folks that can find social issues (right or left) that are more popular than the Iraq War. What about making abortions illegal? What about prayer in school? What about intelligent design in the classroom? What about a nationalized health care system?

Can you find an issue and a poll? Link to it in the margins. Come on, we need some group effort here. Admit it, you aren't that busy at work and can spare a few moments to Google. It'll be fun.