Monday, October 09, 2006

Mrs. Gurufrisbee doesn't vote... the polls. She likes doing them by mail so she can take the time to read through the voters guide pamphlet and really think about her decisions and not have to worry about people waiting in line behind her or parking or what to do with the baby, etc..

As such, the big vote upcoming is actually upcoming VERY soon for her. For me, I can wait, because I get a rush out of going to the polling place and voting that way. We're different in that way (and SO many others).

One thing that unites all of us, though, is that we all have representative races to vote for. And in case you were thinking about who to vote for in your particular race, I have a couple columns for you. First, Leonard Pitts asks you to consider carefully what it means to vote for the Morals Party . Then David Broder gives some food for thought on whether anyone in the current House has truly done enough to be retained .

I encourage everyone to read these and keep them in mind as you vote - whether it's sooner at home or later at the booth.