Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday's Meditation

Growing on the Puget Sound, I fell in love with the sea (yeah, I know the Sound isn't a sea). It is a magical and mysterious creation full of wonder.

Peter Kreeft teaches philosophy at Boston College. He grew up in some strand of the Protestant movement and later converted to the Catholic Church. My area will be greatly blessed in the Spring of 2007 as Dr. Kreeft speaks at the annual Setting the Mind on Fire event sponsored by local churches and the Christian school in town. Here is a link to a wonderful something-or-other for all of you who either love the sea, love God, or, better yet, love God and the sea. You can down load it to your MP3 player, i-pod, or just listen to it on your computer. If possible, find a spot on the shore near a local body of water, listen, and reflect on the greatness of God.