Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Off topic but on my mind

There is a lot that I could be writing about today. There certainly is plenty of angles and responses one could have to this horrible week of now three shootings at schools in America or there is always a good Republican scandal somewhere, like with Senator Mark Foley or we could focus on the never ending and always getting worse debacle of the 'war' in Iraq. Or if I wanted to steer clear of politics altogether I could talk about my Padres being in the baseball playoffs or even how my daughter rolled over for the first time yesterday (YEA!!!)

But today my focus is on LOST. Because tonight is the premiere episode for season 3 of this amazing show. No longer is it even worth wondering if this is best show on television now - it's nearly impossible to even come up with a plausible argument for another show that EVER has come close to being as good as this one.

This show has it all - unmatched writing, great direction, amazing scenery and sets, humor, emotion, love, fantastic acting, and the most clever and brilliant mysteries and surprises ever put on the screen. Heading into this third season, I've whittled down my long list of LOST questions, to these, my top ten:

10) What is the Others M.O.?
We already know much of season 3 will be about the mysterious Others , including finding out where they live (I'm saying there is an underwater hatch) and more about the fake Henry Gale and his leadership with them (I say he is not the uber-leader, but more like second in command). But are they themselves victims of a travel accident that left them stranded there or workers for the Dharma Iniative or rebels who used to work for DI or what?

9) Who is Sun's baby's father?
I don't believe it is her husband Jin (the doctors said he couldn't and they've been fighting most of the time on the island) and I don't think it is Jae Lee, her English tutor from back in Korea (it's been too long for her to just have realized). I say there is a mysterious third player from on the island that we don't even know about yet.

8) Who are "Adam and Eve"?
Jack discovered the two bodies in the cave, but nothing more has come about them. The cave has long been abandoned and I'm thinking this mystery may be one we have to wait until the very end to find out about.

7) What is the smoke monster?
Yeah, well, it's a smoke monster , so I guess that kind of shows that there is certainly enough mystery with it anyways.

6) What happened toWalt and Michael ?
When we last saw them they were motoring away in the small boat, but we know from Desmond that sailing away from the island is harder to do than it seems. Plus, "Henry" gave them directions, but then the hatch got blown apart and took it's electromagnetic pull with it, so what would that do to a compass anyways?

5) What is with the four toed statue foot ?
Discovered in the finale of season 2, who went through the trouble of building a massive coastline statue and what is the significance of it - and that it only has four toes?

4) Is Kate the key to it all?
My theory from the beginning is that there is something huge and central about Kate's character with the whole overriding theme of the show. Several little production clues along the way have kept me believing this - when will that be confirmed or conclusively denied?

3) Is anyone looking for them?
We knew from the pilot that they crashed way off course, but it's been two months and it seems like the search crews could cover a lot of off course ground in that time, too. Plus it appeared like Desmond's long love Penny was looking for something - could it be him?

2) Who is the next one to die?
It's a great ensemble cast, but it's a scary, life-and-death environment and the producers show no reluctance to knock off significant cast members every so often. This season I expect to see some more go - and maybe someone REALLY big (like Jack ).

1) What is the next fantastic turn?
What makes this show so fantastic is that the writers and creators sat down at the beginning and carved out five or six seasons of storylines and twists and turns. They know when to tease because they know what is coming. And they have shown through two seasons now that they have planned some brilliant surprises all along the way and a set up for a fantastic journey. You don't know what is coming, but you know something is - and it's going to be terrific.