Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Prayer Blogging - Generation Y edition

Hefe is off this weekend with his youth group to an important retreat, so I figured that was an excellent starting point to launch this week's prayer blogging.

Hefe's students are all members of the Millenial Generation, often refered to as Generation Y. For my readers from Generation X, or earlier, some of their defining characteristics of Generation Y are:

"They were the first to grow up with the Internet in a developed, prolific form, including music downloads, instant messaging and cellular phones. Even before they could type and mouse-click their way through the Internet, they were the first to grow up with modern media choices: television remotes to encourage channel flipping; cable, with its wealth of channels among which to switch; and multiple TVs (and video recorders) in a household.

Characteristically, Generation Y members are generally very tolerant towards multiculturalism and internationalism. Many people in this group are themselves multiracial in background.

This generation was the subject of much concern during the 1990s, though, despite some of its positive features. The Columbine High School shooting, youth participation in street gangs, hate groups, and problems such as teen pregnancy fueled a wave of action by schools and other organizations.

Take a look at moments that define Generation Y for a greater sense of what has shaped their world.

The next generation should be covered in prayer and why not start today? You could pray for future leaders to live upright and moral lives. You could pray for the next generation to have better relationships (family, ethnic, etc). You could pray that the current generations in power will leave a better world for the Millenials to inhabit. There are lots of things to pray about, so no excuses not to do so right now.

Will you join me? Let us pray

Like always, additional prayers and praises should be added in the comments

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