Thursday, October 12, 2006

CSI Las Vegas smackdown

I don't know how many of you watched CSI:Las Vegas tonight, but the episode was called "Fannysmackin'" because a group of local thugs were beating up (smacking) tourists (fanny pack wearers). The most interesting scene was the last one. The transcript will eventually be posted at this fan site and I recommend you read Grissom's lines at the end. After all the bad guys had been rounded up and put in jail, the discussion turned to why a group of kids would do this.

After tossing around bad parenting, lack of things to do, etc., Grissom argued that Las Vegas itself bred the violence. Encouraging people to come to Vegas and do whatever they want breeds this contempt for people and for feeling guilty. The motto "What happens Vegas, stays in Vegas" is designed to appeal to the part of us that wants to forgo our moral compass and just engage in whatever we want. And then leave without an ounce of guilt.

That was the best sermon I've ever heard on TV.

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