Thursday, October 12, 2006

Total bull

I am at my end. I am so sick and tired of "Christian leaders" going on and on about the Republican party being the only option for Christians and being effectively the Christian political party. The total load of decisively non-Christian garbage that the Republican party spews out every day makes that position totally absurd and dishonest. And yes we still have people like Dobson, Falwell, Robertson, and more than keep trying to throw that junk out there day after day.

And here in Washington State we have Gary Randall. His "Faith and Freedom" network is a nice little gathering of Christians who are constantly bombarded with his thinly veiled total Repulican propaganda agenda. It's absolutely ridiculous and disgusting. The more I tell myself how I need to and want to work with Republicans and Christians to come to a common ground, the more and more crap from guys like Randall and his minions makes me wonder what the point would be when they are so far gone.