Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some articles that are worth a read

I found a few things that aren't fully worth a post, but probably worthy of a read.

First, Rick Steves' has a blog of his trip in Europe this summer. More interestingly, his son is also traveling around Europe this summer and blogging it.

Second, Sex education may get adolescents to delay sex. Given good solid information about sex from medical professionals, middle school students say they are more likely to postpone sex. Lots of caveats at the bottom of the article, but a study showing that more, not less, information about sex allows teenagers to make mature choices.

Third, the DLC has a solid, reality-based debunking of President Bush's reasons behind his veto of federally funded stem cell research.

Fourth, the best politician in Iraq has called for an end to violence. "Iraq's most prominent Shia cleric, Ali al-Sistani, has called for an end to sectarian "hatred and violence."

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