Sunday, April 16, 2006

Resurrection Sunday

So often in Christianity we focus our faith on the crucifixion of Jesus and gloss over the Resurrection of the Son of God. While the death of Christ on the cross serves as the sacrifice required for humanity's sin, the Resurrection of Jesus brings those who have been crucified with him into a new life - his life. At the cross, we are forgiven as murderers, thieves, and common criminals. In the resurrection, we are adopted as sons and daughters of the King; we are clothed in righteousness and holiness. The Resurrection transforms us. We are no longer miserable sinners, but triumphant children and overcommers with Christ. The Resurrection is the event in history that empowers us to leave our sinfulness in favor of a life marked with grace, peace, humility, and love because we have nothing to fear for Christ has triumphed over the grave.