Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Somebody, Everybody, Anybody, Nobody do Vienna

or how Rick Steves saved my vacation...

In was a case of everybody thought somebody would bring the Rick Steves book to Vienna. Anybody could have because we all had the book. Unfortunately, nobody did.

It wasn't pretty. Upon arrival in Vienna, we didn't know where our hotel was and neither did our taxi. Thankfully, we found a telephone booth with an internet connection and we found the hotel's website complete with directions.

However, we had 4 days planned in Vienna and no Rick Steves! Imagine the horror!

While at that same internet phonebooth, I wrote Rick ( and explained our situtation. Below is an excerpt from my desperate e-mail.
...forgot to bring the austria guidebook and i'm now writing you begging for the chapter in pdf or a bookstore in vienna to buy yor book. we have 4 days here and no guidebook. HELP! i'm writing this from a phonebooth. sorry. thnks. [Expat Teacher] - a ricknik.

Imagine my pure excitement and relief when I opened my e-mail this morning to find this:

Even the best of us make attached to this email is the entire Vienna chapter. Get out of the phone both and head for Schonbrunn Palace or Belvedere Palace.

Happy Travels,
ETBD Travel Team and Ann

That's right. I was sent a Word document with all 50+ pages of the Vienna chapter! After finding a print shop, we have the thing in our hot little hands and it guided us all around Vienna today.

Viva el Rick and team!