Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It was Sunday. We were piling into the car to visit a friend in the hospital. A high pitched moan fell out of my mouth as I plopped into the driver's seat. The keys. I forgot the keys...again. Garage door? Locked. Back door? Locked. Maybe the front door? Surely the front door? You forgot to lock it earlier when you did that thing with the stuff before church, right? Right? Locked.

Foolishly get some tools. Try to "jimmy" the door open, right? Wrong.

Sit - not quite angry yet, but it'll sink in - on the garage step. Not what I wanted to do. Not how I wanted to spend my hard earned cash. Not how I wanted to spend my Sunday afternoon.

Try the neighbors...Cars there. No answer. Must be doing something else.

Other neighbors? One car there. No answer.

Back home...try the tools again... Wish I put the spare back from the last time I did this...lazy bum...

Maybe a window? First one, didn't budge. Baby's room? Surely that'll be locked. I mean, what kind of parents leave the baby's window ope...n. HOLY COW!!! IT'S OPEN!!! I JUST SAVED $50!!! What kind of parents are we, anyway?

"What terrible act has been averted by this inconvenience?" I ask as we drive to the hospital.

How often do "bad" things happen to us so that worse things don't happen to us?