Saturday, April 22, 2006

Democrats love Jesus too

Earlier this week, Georgia became the first state to offer the Bible as a textbook. That probably isn't all that earth shaking, but the fact that DEMOCRATS introduced the bill might turn a few heads.

According to the Grey Lady:
"Democrats...have introduced bills authorizing school districts to teach courses modeled after a new textbook, "The Bible and Its Influence." It was produced by the nonpartisan, ecumenical Bible Literacy Project and provides an assessment of the Bible's impact on history, literature and art that is academic and detached, if largely laudatory."

Why are the Democrats doing such a thing? Good question.
"Rather than sitting back on our heels and then being knocked in our face, we are going to respond in a thoughtful way," said Kasim Reed, a Georgia state senator from Atlanta and one of the sponsors of the bill. "We are not going to give away the South anymore because we are unwilling to talk about our faith."

Values voters told the Democratic Party in 2004 that they wanted more values and less programs. Here is what the Democrats are offering up - The Bible as literature and its impact on Western civilization.

While the devil may be in the details, it isn't a bad start to win back many of the dissatisfied Republican voters in this mid-term election year.

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