Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship...

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post has a similar reaction to mine (in fact, we share the same title for our entries) about Karl Rove's "demotion" and Scott McClellan's firing as White House spokesman.

Big Deal.

A spokesman is gone? McClellan, and Fleischer before him, were simply mouthpieces. They had nothing to with policy. The next guy will simply parrot the inner circle's talking points like his predecessors.

The "demotion" of Rove is wishful thinking. To steal from the West Wing, Rove isn't much of a "make the trains run on time kind of guy." He seems to "like the gladiatorial arena. Two candidates whacking away at each other with a healthy ad buy." He has been moved from the egghead world of analysts and academics to the winner-take-all world of the campaign trail. Rove will be focused on the 2006 election campaign. (Would Dignan accept his help?) Democrats had better take notice.

The moral of the story is that as long as TweedleDum is still running the Department of Defense, all this talk of a White House shake-up is simply that.

Extra Page 132 bonus points to whoever can name the character that said the above quote from "Election Day Part 2". The character is helping on the Vinick campaign and was talking with Bruno Gianelli about going into political consulting together. I can't find it anywhere and it is driving me crazy!

Update: r.johnson gets the Page 132 Extra bonus points for correctly identifying the actor. The character's name is Bob Mayer. WikiQuote has a quote from the conversation, but not the exact quote I wanted. And this West Wing fanatic may eventually get around to transcribing the entire show, so if you are viewing this entry in my archives, click through.

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