Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm so jaded on Bush's foreign policy

Long time readers will know that I'm sold on Bush's foreign policy doctrine that he laid out on inauguration day 2005. Yet, it hasn't taken long for him to forget all about his principals and settle for realpolitik.

When it comes to calling for democracy outside of the Middle East, Bush is all hat and no cattle.

He has missed several opportunities to call for stronger democracies in Russia, Pakistan and several other central Asian 'Stans since 2005. However, Bush is missing two easy opportunities TODAY to show the world that America truly is for universal democracy.

Nepal is undergoing massive upheaval and ongoing public demonstrations in favor of a restoration of democracy. In fact, three protester were killed today. Yet, I've googled through the news organizations and can't find a single statement by Bush on these tragic events.

Today President Hu will be visiting President Bush at the White House, but there will be no press conference or any discussion of China's appalling human rights. The Washington Post asks a valuable question...
Never mind that according to Mr. Bush's doctrine, respect for human rights is directly connected to the ability of states to be strategic partners of the United States. "Governments that brutalize their people," says the president's new national security strategy, "also threaten the peace and stability of other nations." News conference question for Mr. Bush: Does that logic not apply to China?

Call me jaded, but was the Bush doctrine all hot air or it as lame as the rest of Bush's presidency?

Update: A protester interrupted remarks by President Hu and Bush this afternoon. She called on Bush to "stop him from persecuting the Falun Gong!" While not the best place for such a protest, certainly something that needs to be said. What was Bush's reaction? According to CNN (sorry, on television. No link) to whisper "you are ok" in Hu's ear during the protest and then to privately apologize again after the press conference.

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