Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Prayer Blogging - School safety edition

Today is the 7th year anniversary of the Columbine massacre. I remember walking into Costco with the soon-to-be-Mrs. Expat Teacher and seeing the horrific events of that day on a dozen big screen televisions. We stood transfixed as images of scared and bloody kids ran from the high school.

Considering the arrest of 5 students in Kansas plotting a similar rampage today and the horrific reports (disputed) of violence in two Iraqi schools, I figure that today is wonderful day to pray for teachers, students and schools.

Of course this hits close to home as well since gurufrisbee, MoLak-Jedi and I all teach. Throw in Hefe with his youth ministry and we are all potential targets for an angry student with easy access to a gun.

I don't have anything specific to pray for. Maybe you should consider praying for us, or other teachers you know. Maybe you should pray for the local schools and their safety. Maybe you should pray for the students, since they are the future leaders and your Social Security check. Whatever you do, please spend a few moments in prayer with us here this Friday.

Let us pray.

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