Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A new member of the team

Oft-commenter TheOldMan has joined the Page 132 team. Below is his opening (and very long) post.

With the recent addition of Hefe in January, that brings the Page 132 team up to five members. The reasons behind the expanded team are two-fold. First the chore of daily blogging can steal the joy out of doing so. Having 5 members now means that for you the reader. we will almost certainly have something new each day AND for each of the contributors, our workload is lessened.

The team is diverse and complex. We've got experience and idealism. We have war-mongers and peaceniks. Page 132 has a dominant progressive theme, but one dissenter.

I don't imagine the team expanding anytime soon. We've got to get TheOldMan and Hefe into the swing of things. Like always, we hope you like what you find here. If you do (or don't) why not scribble in the margins or dog-ear the page and talk about us on your blog?

If you are a real fan, you could put a pin in our Frappr! map and take the weekly quiz. (pssst-the correct answer is Yes. Absolutely!)