Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Article round-up

*important note-completed while live-blogging the Super Bowl. If links are broken, please let me know.

Howard Kurtz says what we were all thinking, State of the Union: Zzzzzz. He has a round up of all the major pundits comments.

ThinkProgress has a very good page on President Bush's new call to international involvement. Again Bush is all hat and no cattle in this arena again.

The DLC's Idea of the Week is tailpipe trading. Attach a cap and trade emissions system to new cars to help cure us of our addiction to oil. Very interesting idea to harness the power of the market to reduce our oil dependency.

The Washington Post reminds us all that under the Bush administration we have been Feeding the Oil Addiction rather than squashing it.

According to the Christian Science Monitor (the best newspaper you aren't reading), Conservatives ask: Is Bush still one of us? Dignan's been saying no for months now. I say he still REPRESENTS conservatives and that is as good as being one, especially for discrediting the movement.

The Washington Post points out what is obvious to us here at Page 132, but Democracy's Consequences sometimes means people you don't like win (see also US Election 2000 and US Election 2004).

Tariq Ramadan calls for "civic responsibility" surrounding the Mohammad cartoons. It reads a little like "don't offend Muslims because they are easily offended" to me. What do you think?

A Danish Muslim comic, Omar Marzouk discusses being caught in the middle. Very good human interest story.

Slate has a good round-up of the Arab press reaction to the Mohammad cartoon controversy. The reaction is a lot more nuanced than we are getting here in the Europe.

Tim Noah defends his argument that we are undergoing a peace epidemic. I'm sympathetic. When I was growing up, the Soviet Union had the power to destroy every city of over 1 millino people inside the US. Luckily they were a logical slow bureaucracy around a corrupt and evil system. Another corrupt and evil system, Al-Qaeda is scary because they are not logical, but they don't possess the firepower to destroy every US city. Dangerous times certainly, but not the most dangerous.

Heir-apparent Gordon Brown has endorsed God's Politics by Jim Wallis. The Guardian has the usual sideways look at all things Christian in this article about Brown and Wallis' friendship and interactions.

slacktivist is reading Left Behind so you don't have to. This week he is up to page 195-197.

Married Christian couples can now shop sex toys on a friendly God-centered website. The Church Times has the article about Wholly Love and the money quote from the owner, Stella Hagarty, "We are constantly told as Christians what we can’t do, but there is little promotion of what we can."