Monday, February 06, 2006

Something to meditate on...

While I was waiting for our usual Monday post from MoLak-Jedi, I ran across an excellent reflection by Tim Challies on Muslim Outrage and God's Grace.

The real money quote is this..."So when I look to the news and see followers of Mohammed burning embassies, rioting in the streets and demanding blood, I see my own humanity. I see men acting as men will act. But then I turn to Scripture and see the change God has wrought in my heart, and the change he can bring to the hearts of those who seek blood. Blood has already been shed, and Christ's precious blood is sufficient to cover a multitude of sins.

When I see the Muslim riots I see myself. Looking past myself I see Jesus Christ and in Him, clear evidence for the truths of Christianity."

Go read the whole thing. Very good points to ponder.