Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Bowl

Super Bowl is on Sunday!

While most of us will gather around a television and root for the Seahawks or the losing team, err, I mean, Steelers or we will wait patiently until the next commercial break to see what Budweiser or Pepsi thinks is funny this year or we will just be there to be part of big, fun, group time, one thing is pretty universal about all Super Bowl parties:

There is a lot of food there.

I know there will be at ours. But there isn't a lot of food for most of the world. I don't want to bring anyone's good time on Sunday down, but I always think this is a good time to keep in mind how blessed and fortunate we are, and it's a good time to remember to give something to those in need, too.

Two good options for doing this are:
* The Souper Bowl of Caring

is a youth-led effort to raise funds on Super Bowl sunday for local food banks and charities.


* The 30 hour famine
is an annual effort made by World Vision to help raise donations to fight hunger and malnutrition in several countries around the world.

Please check out those links and prayerfully consider donating to them. If you are looking for an individual to sponsor for the famine - you could even choose me! As a high school youth leader, this will be the third year in a row I've done it with our youth group.

Have a great time during the game! Let's pray for no "wardrobe malfunctions" (I don't need to see Mick Jagger's Depend's undergarments )

and Go Seahawks!