Monday, October 31, 2005

I'd like to be able to buy condoms

The Washington Rumor Mill says that President Bush will announce his replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor's seat on Monday or Tuesday. I haven't a clue who President Bush will pick. Some say that Bush won't pick a fight and nominate a strong consensus nominee. Others say that President Bush has to re-energize the base and will pick an über social conservative. Should Bush choose the über candidate, the Democrats can stop him or her any way they want because during the Miers fight, the Right managed to compromise every principle they had previously championed during the Roberts nomination.

Another interesting question being played out in the blogosphere is what brought Miers down. Was it that she wasn't socially conservative enough and appear to support Roe v. Wade or was it because she wasn't qualifed to sit on the Supreme Court?

I don't know, but it sure makes for an interesting discussion.

As far as my own opinion, I don't have much of a litmus test for judges, but I want a judge that supports Griswold v. Connecticut. This case established the the right for married couples to purchase contraception. There are only a few places where I think the government shouldn't have some involvement, but how my wife and I practice family planning is one of the those places. Can we all agree on a judge that believes the Constitution allows me to buy condoms?