Saturday, August 06, 2005

Page 132 Housekeeping

By the time you read this, I'll be on vacation. I'm going away for about a week to France with Mrs. Expat Teacher and my parents. It should be a great time because I haven't seen my parents since New Year's. Don't worry, though. I wouldn't leave you high and dry.

As some of you have seen already, Page 132 is proud to annouce a 3rd contributor - MoLak-Jedi. I've known MoLak-Jedi for almost a decade now and I truly love the guy. I'll let MoLak-Jedi introduce himself in a post if he desires to do so. He isn't like gurufrisbee or me. His passion lies outside the political sphere. He reads books and lots of them. MoLak-Jedi has come on board to add an extra dimension to Page 132. He will be doing book reviews about once a month. However, this week he will be posting several because gurufrisbee and I are offline. I hope he will continue our Friday Prayer Blogging tradition this week as well.

I am honored he wants to write on our blog.

If you've been following the discussion between guru and myself about non-violence, don't worry it isn't over. I've just not responded to his latest post because he is offline for most of August and I figured it wouldn't be much fun to have a one-sided argument. I plan on returning to the topic near the end of the month.

Well, I'm off on the Eurostar to France.

Au revoir