Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Relationships Foundation - updated

I'm at a meeting with the Relationships Foundation. They are an organization that wants to redesign life around putting relationships first. Brilliant stuff! Go check it out!

Update: I just got back with my meeting with the RF and it was truly fun. I heard of the RF through HTB's School of Theology. The RF is based around the Biblical idea that humans were made for relationships (both with God and with others). I think it could be as revolutionary and as strong as the Conservative movement in America.

The brilliance is that rather than invent a liberal conspiracy to fight against like the social-conservatives do, the RF has an inbuilt enemy - selfishness. It doesn't have to be invented and it will never be conquered. People can be motivated against it without picking out a certain segment of the population. When RF's ideas/policies are put into practice correctly it improves one's quality of life more than money and possessions. All the advantages of motivating a populace without the negatives. Building better relationships has a serious upside with little downside. Before you go thinking I'm some pinko commie liberal, let me point out that the RF has a very socially-conservative stance.

You can go to their site to learn more, but hopefully they will be putting up a blog that will do a better job than I have explaining why their political theory is so compelling. That is where I fit in, I wrote them an e-mail after my initial introduction to the RF explaining that I liked their ideas, but they didn't have an effective way of communicating it. They read my e-mail and contacted me about helping them. Today we met to talk about how the very intellectually sound, research-based policies could be translated into an easily digestible message and how it could be done. I talked at length about the blogosphere and the benefits of using a blog to reach the 18-35 age range. The team from the RF was very receptive. I may be working with them in the future, so watch this space.

On a personal note, I'm flying high like a kite. First, a think tank from Cambridge, UK wanted my opinion and they took it seriously (ergo inflated pride ;-) ), but more importantly I have been struggling lately about my profession. The thrill is gone for me in the classroom and I don't know where God wants me. I've been thinking that politics/messaging/communication/ etc would be something I'd like to get into, but I wasn't sure. Lately I believe God is validating that. I don't know what the future (but I do know who holds the future). I am committed to my school for another year and I intend to keep my word, but next summer....only God knows.