Saturday, August 20, 2005

God's faithfulness is my new couch

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Mrs. Expat Teacher and I try to pray together each night before turning in. Earlier this week, during our prayers, we lost the plot and started talking about daily life.

I lamented our couch! It was so uncomfortable that we joked it was a used at Gitmo for sleep depravation torture. I wanted a new couch, but didn't want to buy a new one. We got back on track and finished our prayers.

THE NEXT MORNING I received an e-mail from someone in our block of flats that was giving away a sleeper-sofa because they were buying a new one. All I had to do was pick it up. My camera-phone pic shows I did just that.

Moral of the story...God's listening even when we aren't talking and his faithfulness knows no bounds.

Praise Jesus!