Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hyde Park - an oasis in the busyness


Often Mrs. Expat Teacher and I walk across Hyde Park on our way to HTB. It is an amazing park. Physically it is just grass, trees, dirt, asphalt paths, but somehow it casts a spell over us. We both wax philosophical there. Our average conversations, like most married couples I think, usually revolve around life's day to day operations. Over dinner we'll talk about work, friends, the news, etc. Yet, when Mrs. Expat Teacher and I enter Hyde Park we both get philosophical and reflective. Some of our best and deepest conversations have occured while crossing that former royal hunting ground. I don't know what magical spell Hyde Park casts over us, but I'm sure glad it does. It is nearly impossible for me to leave Hyde Park and not love my wife more than when we entered.

Does anyone else have a place like that in their lives? Why do you think that is?

Hat tip to RB and MK for the help in finding the origin and editing wax philosophic